Markello's tower

Markello's tower was built around 1800 by Spiridona Markello who was a member of Parliament in Aegina.

The first greek government from 1816-1828 was housed at Markello's tower along with Greek fund organization for a certain period of time.

Today, at Markello's tower, is the Spiritual center of the Municipality of Aegina and the center of social speculation called "Spiros Alexiou".

Metropolitan Cathedral of Aegina

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Aegina is a three-aisled temple with three red domes. The middle aisle is dedicated to the Virgin Mary's feast. The right aisle is dedicated to the patron saint of Aegina, Agios Dionysios and the left aisle is dedicated to St. John the Theologian.

The Metropolitan Church of Aegina was built in 1806 with the money of the Holy Monastery of Virgin Mary the Chrysoleontissa. In the Metropolis there are many historical heirlooms, a marble temple, remarkable hagiographical frescoes and built-in icons. Opposite the Despotic Throne, the governor's stall is still preserved. The bell tower next to the Temple is a work of St. Kleanthis and Ed. Schaubert.

The Metropolis, among others, was used as a parliamentary chamber in 1827 and in 1828 for the oath of the first government of Greece and as a meeting place of the Elders' Assembly. Especially in the Metropolis on January 11, 1828, the people of Aegina welcomed Captain Kapodistria, where the famous speech of Theophilos Kairi was recited. A few days later, on 28 January, he held the ceremony of his inauguration as First Governor of the Greek State and of the Panhellenic Council of 27 members, which constituted the temporary anti-governmental committee.

Eunardios School of Teaching

In 1830, after a donation made by a Swiss banker called Eunardios, the Eunardios School of Teaching was built next to the Cathedral which is a neoclassic building. Apart from the central part, the building has 2 rooms. In one room was the central school for students who continued their studies. In the other room were three-month training courses for teachers.

The Government House

The Government House is located near the Cathedral, in the center of the city. It's a very important building for modern greek history. In this building was the first government of Greece. It was Ioannis Kapodistria's house.

It's a two-storey, stony building with a wooden roof. On the first floor, the first room was the office, opposite the secretary's office and on the right was the record office room. Today, on this floor, is the historic record office room of Aegina.

The Municipal Library of Aegina

Next to the Government House, is another traditional building made of stone, which today is the Municipal Library of Aegina.

The Orphanage

In the southeast of the city, is the Orphanage which was built by Ioannis Kapodistrias in a building block which was offered by the Dimogerontia of Aegina. It was used for shelter and as a school for the orphans. The orphanage had laboratories where the children learned skills. So, there were printing-houses, dressmaking, shoe making and bookbinding. The church of Sotiras and the National Library were built in the orphanage. In this building up to 1828, was the first archaeological museum, the first National Printing house, the lithographic, the library and the first greek school of Music.


Aegina offers you great activities to keep your holidays unforgettable.


You can visit the archaeological site of Colona, which was the Acropolis of Aegina in the ancient times. The Temple of Apollo, located at the top of Colona Hill. The Temple of Aphaia, a Doric temple built from local limestone. The Temple of Elanios Zeus, located at the top of Mount Elanio.


You can visit the women's Monastery of Saint Nektarios, the women's Monastery of Saint Aikaterini, which is next to the Monastery of Saint Nektarios, the women's Monastery of Panagia Chrysoleonitsa, the Church of Saints Theodoroi, the Church of Faneromeni and about 35 Churches in Paleochora.


In the city of Aegina you can visit the Tower of Markellos, which housed the first Greek anti-governmental committee from 1826-1828, the Metropolitan Cathedral of Aegina, the Eunardios School of Teaching, the Government House, the Municipal Library of Aegina and the Orphanage of Aegina


You can swim in the two beaches of Aegina, at Souvala beach, at Vagia beach, at Agia Marina beach, at Portes Beach, at Marathonas Beach, at Aeginatissa beach, at Perdika beach and also at the beautiful waters of the island of Moni, which has only deers, small horses, wild boar, peacocks, pheasants and squirrels.